Accounting Management

What is accounting?

The process of keeping documents and writing accounts according to the method of business accounts and business transactions is called accounting or accounting. Here is a commercial method with its own principles, and here it is done to control financial transactions. And it is applicable for all types of business but is essentially applicable for some businesses.

How it’s managed with software

Accounting is a very crucial part of any business organization. As a businessman, every person not knows about deep accounting because accounting is a part of professional perssion.JP Software Company provides ABM Accounting software. by this software, we can run our business without any deep knowledge of accounting. Like sale, purchase, payment, expanse, income, inventory, GST filling, profit and loss, balance sheet, etc. We can do all as above or other work by this software.

Benefits of ABM Accounting Software

Real-Time Data

The ABM accounting software provides real-time data to give your accountants a clear understanding of clients’ current financial position, stock position, payment, etc.


It allows multi-user access and promotes collaboration between accountants and clients.

Focus on Client and Business

The software is windows based offline software. It leaves you completely free to spend your time doing things important for your business.


This software provides us to save our sale, purchase and all accounting data on our computer and we can easily access data when it’s required for us.

Maintenance of Software

Using a small or big business accounting software for a shop keeper or businessman is a worry-free option. You do not have to take care of version upgrades, IT team for software maintenance, costs for system administration costs. These issues are taken care of by our professional team, leaving you to do your best work for your clients.

Accuracy of Data

The importance of accurate data-keeping can never be overstated, especially when the data is financial in nature. Humans are prone to errors, be it in calculation, or transfer of information from one account to another. Good accounting software can eliminate those errors, making sure that the records are correct and coherent. It saves a lot of man-hours that go into tallying and error correction.


Data is a very important factor in any Organization. You need to carefully choose software that keeps your data encrypted, and doesn’t access it without permission. With the safety of data intact, you’ll see the worry lines on your accountants’ forehead, disappear in no time.


We need to understand that just keeping raw data, is of no use, unless it can be translated into easily preventable, and understandable information. Good accounting software does just that. It can give you whatever information you need, in a format of your choice — graphs, pie charts, manhattans or simple tables. Uncomplicated representation of data helps managers make better analyses, resulting in swift and apt decision making.


Paying, or even keeping track, of taxes is a big headache for the businessman. But this pain point can be eradicated with the use of ABM Accounting Software such as ABM Accounting that helps you calculate, manage and pay your taxes. In the long run, it can help you avoid penalties, and there are multiple features like invoice generation, filing, etc. The software can help you in the smooth functioning of your business. The gist of the matter, though, is that one must adopt appropriate accounting software. Propel their business forward.




    • Manage Stock with Multi-Units.
    • GST Filing Reports
    • SMS integration
    • Check Outstanding balance
    • E-way bill
    • Manage user wise security
    • Brand wise stock entry
    • Medical category and group-wise entry
    • Manage with Multiple stock center
    • Manage a business with multiple companies wise
    • Maintain both wholesale and retail work
    • Debit and Credit Note
    • Issue Cheque Book Entry
    • Powerful Report/ Export Option.
    • Manage Your Stock with Different Batch No & Expiry date wise
    • Reminder for Expiry Stock.
    • Multi Payment Mode Accepted option.


    • Inventory module
    • Transaction module
    • Accounts module
    • MIS reports module

    Master Entry module

    • Create item master for stock entry
    • Create a unit master
    • Create a medicine brand master
    • Create supplier account master
    • Create customer account master
    • Create multiple center master for purchase and sale
    • Manage reference master
    • Mange day-wise party list
    • Maintain HSN code and GST %
    • Manage credit limit option for a credit sale

    Transaction Entry module

    • Order receive by customer
    • Sale by wholesale and retail
    • Sale return
    • Purchase entry
    • Purchase return
    • Stock adjustment of expired and breakage
    • Stock transfer one stock center to other
    • Bill Receipt
    • Cash Voucher
    • Ref Receipt/Payment

    MIS Reports Module

    • Stock Position Group Wise
    • Stock Position Brand Wise
    • Purchase Pricelist
    • Sale Price List
    • Expiry Stock Register
    • Top/Button Sale
    • Loading Sheet and Bulk Bill Print
    • Item Wise Party Wise Sale
    • Party/Item Group Wise Sale
    • Order Received Register
    • Track Daily and Monthly Sale by Sale Voucher Register
    • Sale Return Voucher Register
    • Purchase Voucher Register
    • Purchase Return Voucher Register
    • Payment Outstanding
    • Commission
    • Pending Bill Register
    • GST report for sale and purchase R1,R2 and 3B, GST computation

    Account Module


    • Cashbook
    • Journal book
    • General Ledger
    • Profit Loss
    • Balance Sheet
    • Trial Balance



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