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Customized Microfinance Software and Mobile App Development at Affordable Price

Enhancing Business Coverage And Profitability

Fycis is the Best Micro Finance Software provider in India and aboard. We provide the best Micro Finance Software. Contact us immediately for a free demo. There are more than a hundred fields to enter a client’s information. For credit products, one can enter unlimited products. This Software has 3 Types of interest calculation: flat, Declining Balance-Equal monthly installment (EMI) and Declining Balance – Equal principal installment.

Microfinance Software Company Provides advanced services in Micro Finance Software solutions of all types. in India has expertise in Binary Income Plan, Australian Binary Plan, Tri Binary, Matrix Plan, Board Plan, and Spillover Income Plan and Growth Plan. Our various services are website design and Web application development; we are one of the best .Net Development. Micro Finance software will print collection sheets. It can restructure and reschedule the loan repayment. There are unlimited numbers of savings products that can be managed through the software which can be associated with any type of customer. The current account can be managed, with or without interests.

Looking for a flexible and easy to use Microfinance or Nidhi company software?

You are at the right place!
We offer a complete software solution to start your Microfinance or Nidhi Company in a pocket-friendly budget!
The software is simple and easy to understand. A person can master this software in very little time with basic computer knowledge.

✅ Microfinance Software starting in just Rs. 49,999
✅ Nidhi Banking Software starting in just Rs. 69,999

Customized Microfinance/Nidhi Software

With many years of experience in software development, we have built Softwares for Microfinance/Nidhi. Having software for your Microfinance/Nidhi will hugely improve communication between all of those people within your community. A purpose-built Software will allow you to engage with customers, employees and your community on a regular basis meaning all Software users can be instantly informed of anything exciting, important dates, Deposit Amount or Loan.

Today’s school need easy fee collection software

Nowadays the majority of schools are progressively more are adopting an automated student fees management system. There are a lot of fine reasons why schools must implement the strategy of collecting payments via the fee management system. It is highly recommended that all types of school whether public or private must espouse automate fee collection management software and earn greater revenue by saving 90% of manual processes which are also error-prone.

Schoolyam software is capable to solve all problems of schools and parents to keep track of student performance. The hassle of manually work on sheets of paper gets eliminated. By deploying the fee accounting and financial management software user can make use of the recent technological tools to get in touch with various departments such as finance, admission, hostel, transport, library and more. This will cause wider engagement and enhanced efficiency in educational institutions with greater synchronization of data on fee collections.

Make Smart & Easy School Management

School software is specifically designed to streamline the paperless administration of schools and educational institutions. It consists of various modules that greatly help the teachers and staff in maintaining student records, academic history, report cards and other essential student information. This software is the best way to manage the school in a productive, systematic and organized manner.

We give you a fantastic tool to make all your school task easy than easier –

Software Features

Hospitality and Hotel Management Software

Challenges of hospitality services in a hotel:

As a hotel owner, a running group of the hotel and provides the best services for the coming guest in any hotel, not easy work. There are multiple types of challenges. Like Hiring and retaining the staff. Change in marketing trends and dynamics. Operational issues. The rising cost of daily consumables. Housekeeping issues. Change in guest expectations. Irregular cash inflows. Data security challenges etc.

How to manage by software:

What is Hotel Software? Technology in the hotel industry continues to advance at a rapid pace and hotel management software remains essential for hoteliers looking to improve the running of their business The software system isn’t just important for the day-to-day operations of a hotel, but it also plays a vital role in the overall guest experience. With software, hotel operators can streamline their administrative processes like guest management, account management, food management, inventory management and improve their overall hotel management JP Software Technologies company provides the best hotel and restaurant software for the hotel industry so you feel relax as an owner. So comes and join us.

Power of Hospital Management Software

Why need software

As a hospital administrator responsibility maintains every patient like OPD management, pharmacy management, OT management, etc. Hospital management software like ABM H-Care provides solutions for all financial, clinical and operational activities in a hospital. It has separate modules that can handle the various activities pertaining to the front desk, OPD, pharmacy, inpatient management, operation theatre activities, delivery room activities, laundry, HR management, accounting, store & purchase, MIS report generation, and this ABM H-Care Hospital management software is very user-friendly. Let’s come to join JP Software Company and manage your hospital with a computerized system.

Easy School Management Software can help you to run schools smoothly

Schoolyam is a school management software designed to streamline the paperless administration of schools and educational institutions. It consists of various modules that greatly help the teachers and staff in maintaining student records, academic history, and essential student information.

It offers the best user-friendly management system which helps connect student parents, teachers, and management.

Student Module

  • Manage student profile along with photographs
  • Student detail can be updated in bulk
  • Previous institute education details can be recorded.
  • All certificate print like TC, Birth, CC
  • Student I-card print

Fee Module

  • Managing a collection of school fees and collection record
  • Facility to collect fee with fine and provide discounts and due in fees.
  • Generate customized fee receipt
  • Auto SMS alert on payment
  • Facility to collect the fee in cash, cheque.
  • Easy to check daily collection report
  • Ability to send SMS of daily collection report and defaulter list

Account Module

  • Maintain all school indirect expenses
  • Create an account of expenses
  • Get daily expenses report
  • Mapping with account

Exam Module

  • Option to record Weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual exams
  • Easy option to feed obtained marks. Multiple users can do it at a time
  • Option to have subject marks in Grade instead of numbers
  • Easy to prepare and print Consolidate sheet
  • Facility to print admit card and desk slip
  • Customized report card design and print with the rank

Transport Module

  • Update Main Route and Sub route
  • Assign student on a particular route
  • All maintenance and repair work done on the vehicle can be easily recorded
  • Get transport wise student list
  • Easy to generate transport defaulter list

Library Module

  • A modern integrated library management
  • Easy way to enter new books
  • Keep a record of complete info of a book like a title, author name, publisher name, etc.
  • Print your own barcodes.
  • Full record circulation and acquisitions system for library
  • keeping track of fines owed to the library
  • Facility to generate library card

Payroll Module

Hassle free and easy medical stock management and accounting software

About Challenges

Running a Medicine Inventory shop is no easy task. You have to all the information about the medicine and also you have to properly Knowledge about available stock, expiry stock, etc. in your medical store. So ABM Accounting Software is a very user-friendly software capable of managing your Customer transaction records and medicine stock inventory. If you want to manage your large and professional work in less time. Than ABM Accounting Software is one of the best let’s come to join JP Software Company and enjoy your computerize Customer billing and Purchase and grow your business without any tension, Therefore, this software will help you to expand your business work more simple, and increase your revenues every day.

Pathology Management Software (ABM Patho++)

About Pathology Management Software (ABM Patho++)

Running a laboratory is no easy task. You have a responsibility towards your patients to provide them accurate reports in a timely manner. Pathology Management System Software(ABM Patho++) is a product of JP Software Company this is a very user-friendly software that capable of managing your patient transaction records and patient reporting of your pathology center this is one of the best Labs software in if you want to manage your large and professional work in less time than Pathology Management software(ABM Patho++) is better for you so let’s come to join JP Software Technologies and enjoy your computerize patient billing and error-free attractive reporting, Therefore, this module will help you to expand your business, process more samples, and increase your revenues.

Fill GST return regularly for e-way bill


Soon, no e-way bill if GST returns not filed for 6 months

Non-filers of GST returns for 6 consecutive months will soon be barred from generating e-way bills for the movement of goods.

The Goods and Services Tax Network (GSTN) is developing such an IT system that businesses who have not filed returns for two straight return filing cycles, which is 6 months, would be barred from generating e-way bills, an official said.

“As soon as the new IT system which will ensure barring of e-way Bill generation if returns are not filed for 6 months is put.

The move, officials believe, would help check Goods and Services Tax (GST) evasion.

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