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With the recent COVID pandemic, most of the schools across the world are moving to fully online classes. Normally online classes were mostly preferred by higher classes but now a day it is used in KG classes. The advantages of online classes for schools is the maximum reach for the lowest cost as most of the online classroom tools are available for low pricing and have flexible plans to choose from. The other advantages include the reduced costs of infrastructure maintenance as the students are participating in the courses from their homes. The advantages for learners are also manifold including the savings from the daily travel and the ability to participate and learn from the comfort of their room.

During these critical times, where social distancing is mandatory but it is important to continue the teaching process and enable learners to get access to content from their homes. To help you with that Schoolyam is now a solution using which school can easily access online classes.

To help slow the spread of coronavirus, ensure regular learning with daily assignments to your students. The Assignment Module is a very helpful feature for teachers as they can easily distribute homework assignments to the students, subject notes, and attaching some resources. Once students submit the homework teacher can review it and provide feedback to students so that their learning won’t stop.

Students can easily reach the notice and alert message and applicants can easily download the progress record and check. With the help of Schoolyam, you can get records easily related to applicants.

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