MLM Software Development

MLM Software Development

The MLM Software developed by JP Software Technologies includes a lot of tools and features to manage, organize and control the MLM accounts. The MLM software is web-based user friendly which allow tracking customer’s status and organizing a different kind of reports about revenue, sales, and profit.

MLM, an acronym for Multi-Level Marketing is also popularly known as Binary Software or Referral Marketing. As the name suggests, MLM is a platform where several distributors can grow their network to sell a product. This is a commission-based marketing strategy where a distributor is initially engaged in selling a product Market. Further, he can recruit distributors under him and can make earnings from sales made by the recruited. Thus a person not only gets profited by the direct sales he makes but also gets commission from the distributors he recruits creating a down line of distributors and hierarchy of multiple levels.MLM Binary software provides perfect prospects for your Product Marketing business growth.

This MLM Software plays a vital role in the success of MLM Organization. It proves an important parameter for building the confidence of the company’s new associates on the management. This MLM Software is a product cum customized solution for handling the various activities of MLM Company like Registration, Confirmation, Product package/delivery, Genealogy- various type of tree with respect to the plan, Incentive calculation, Cheque printing, TDS certificate, etc… All this at a very affordable price.

To manage a business in the most efficient methods, a businessman should look forward to grabbing the benefits of MLM software. In order to manage business automation, you may need software that will make your task easy. It is really important to manage business operations without making any type of mistakes. This network marketing software has the capability to control all your business departments. Our multilevel marketing software is a complete MLM Management Online System.

Salient Features Of MLM Software

A unique way to provide Online solution

    • MLM Software is Simple, reliable and easy to operate.
    • MLM Software is a Fully Organized member and administration section.
    • MLM Incentive calculations / Statement generation within a few minutes.
    • MLM Software has the Facility of exporting all the reports into Microsoft Excel, Word.
    • MLM Software provides Registration logins through Prepaid Voucher/ E-Pin system/ Credit Card/ Gateway.
    • MLM Software having Integration with Smart Cards for Repurchase or Loyalty plan.
    • MLM Software has Flexible customization available within a short period of time.
    • For this MLM Software Integration of add on services can be included immediately.
    • MLM Software provides Multi-user with a great sense of security

MLM Software Features : 

  • Web-based MLM software
  • Developed by experienced and technical experts
  • Customization and development as per client’s requirement
  • Fully User Friendly
  • Custom Currency Settings
  • Secure e-Pin Management
  • Custom e-Wallet Management System
  • Online Shopping Cart integration
  • Multi-User or Multi-Operator rights assignment
  • Export reports into MS-Excel, PDF, MS-Word and CSV format
  • TDS deduction Management
  • Tested for Millions of data records
  • SMS integration
  • e-mail integration
  • Payment Gateway integration
  • Customized Cheque Printing Software
  • Affordable Pricing of Customized MLM Software
  • Multi-level security

MLM Software includes

  • Admin Panel
  • Distributor/ Promoter Panel
  • Custom Website as per your suggested layout
  • Domain & Hosting for Website
  • Other Software, Products, and Services

Technology Used

  • ASP .net as a programming language
  • MS SQL Server as Database backend
  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • Multi-Browser Compatibility
  • Manual/ Automation Testing

MLM Services Offered

  • Free MLM Plan Design
  • Plan Calculation
  • Plan Suggestion

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