Retail Care Software


Retail Care Software

JP Retail Care Software is designed to handle all the needs of the individual shop or retail chain in a very efficient, effective and accurate way.

Retail Care Software is feature-rich software with highly flexible configurations that meet customer’s unique business requirements. With the help of Retail Software, You can gain better control of your business due to its specific reporting features and control inventory at cash registers.

Retail Care will redefine the working of your business with its power-packed modules addressing the following key areas:

Master Module:

  • GroupMaster
  • AcountMaster
  • Cheque Book Entry
  • DepartmentMaster
  • GradeMaster
  • MakeMaster
  • ItemMaster
  • ColourMaster
  • PatternMaster
  • SizeMaster
  • Price List

Purchase Module:

  • Purchase Entry
  • Goods Transfer
  • Party wise PurchaseRegister
  • Department wise Purchase
  • Make wise Purchase
  • Itemwise Purchase
  • PurchaseRegisterDetailed

Sales Module:

  • Sales Entry
  • Sales Bill Printing
  • SalesRegister
  • Party wise SaleRegister
  • Department wise Sale
  • Make wise Sale
  • Itemwise Sale
  • Monthly sales report

Stock Module:

  • Stock Position (Group wise)
  • Stock PositionSummary
  • StockRegister
  • StockValue

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MIS Reports:

  • Creditors Ledger
  • Debtors Ledger
  • MISReport
  • City wise Outstanding
  • DueStatement
  • Itemnot sold after date
  • FIFOPending Statement

Financial Reports:

  • Voucher Printing
  • Party Ledger
  • Cash Book
  • Bank Book
  • Contra Ledger
  • Journal Book
  • Credit/Debit note Book
  • Annexure
  • Cheque Register
  • Trail Balance
  • Profit& Loss
  • Balance Sheet
  • Cash flow& Fund flow
  • Trading and Profit& Loss
  • Daily TransactionSummary

Salient Features:

  • User-friendly & easy to use
  • EfficientManagement Control
  • Barcode facility
  • No computer knowledge necessary
  • ReduceOverheads
  • MultiCompany
  • FastWorking Saves Time
  • Multi-User
  • Inexpensive

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