Total Nidhi Software Management Systems Under One Roof

We are a top-rated Nidhi Company Software provider in India. Our Nidhi Software helps you focus on your business by speeding up your work and reduces the time needed to perform account management and organizational responsibilities, improving effectiveness and driving out costs and increasing profitability.

Members/Employees Management

We customize your software according to your need which is to manage all details with the report like, member/customer management, online member/customer registration, online member/customer panel.

Deposit and Maturity Management

We customize every software as per client requirement with the right features and modules fit for your FD/RD/MIS/Daily Deposit business.

Loan Management

Business Loan, Personal Loan, Secured Loan (Girvi / Mortgage loan), Gold Loan, Vehicle Loan, Group Loan, Loan on Deposits. So that customers/employees both can check everything with transparency.

Accounting Management

General Ledger, Ledger / Sub Ledger Group, Journal Voucher Entry,  Cash Book, Day Book, Bank Book, Receipt and Payment Account, Trial Balance, Audit Report,  Transaction Month Wise and Branch Fund Transfer.

Share Management

Add/withdraw share, Share Certificate print with all reports.

Report Management

Branch Collection Report, Total Collection Report, Daily Collection Report, Pending Installment Report, Late Fees Report, MIS Report.

One can master this software in very little time with basic computer knowledge. You can easily create multiple branches and add multiple users, agents, accounts, employees, etc. Our software helps you in concentrating on your business growth by speeding up your work and reducing your operational time. It is fully customizable and can be integrated with real-time Mobile, SMS system.

✅ Nidhi Banking Software starting in just Rs. 69,999

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