Conducting online exams made easy with Schoolyam app.

The unexpected advent of coronavirus and imposition of nationwide lockdown to curb the spread of this virus has adversely affected the lives of the people also disrupted the academic calendar of educational institutions.

So due to this situation, educational institutes are moving their focus and operations to online studies and learning.
Most of the school decided to conduct exams but educational institutions in a dilemma on how they should conduct exams adhere to the guidelines of taking exams as well as ensure the safety of students by following social distancing.

To solve the dilemma of the educational institutions on how they can conduct written exams online. Online exams easy to use which enables them to schedule a test assessment on mobile phones with Schoolyam App even at the convenience of their home conveniently. Students are not under a mandate to arrange for a particular device. They can easily take this exam.
You do not have to experience the hassles of checking the answer sheets as the results are displayed automatically after the students submit the test. Our software for assessing the students online displays the result

How Online Examination helps Educational Institutes?

The institutes hereby are advanced and make due efforts in every way to move forward the education system so that there can be no loss of knowledge and learning of the students in running academic year. They keep in touch with the students, share the syllabus to the students, make all learning material available to them and even guide students if they face any problems meanwhile and conduct classes online, and also conduct online exams for student performance.

Schoolyam App provides the student with a smart and systematic learning process.

  • The students can login with the contact number.
  • The students can take tests in online mode.
  • The students can take online classes.
  • Study material is available from the school side inside the app(Document & Video) Material.
  • Students can get updated notification in a mobile app.

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