What is the level plan MLM ?

Level MLM Software is a web-based application that maintains the level MLM plan and to keep track on downline’s incomes and expenditure. This level MLM Software is systemized with all the activities that are done by the MLM companies.

What is the level plan?

Level MLM Plan is an unlimited width plan, that allows you to sponsor only one line of distributors, so everyone you sponsor is on your frontline (i.e no spillover). As there is no further restriction, you can build a stronger and longer (length) network down the line. Unilevel MLM plan is efficient for all kinds of MLM organizations whether they are small or big.

How Does Unilevel MLM Plan Work?

Regular Compensation Plans payout in between 4 and 10 level deep. The compensation structure of level MLM plan provides the first person, a fraction of every effort of his downline members up to certain level depth by granting a dividend from the Business volume of every member in his downline individually.

Most of the MLM companies nowadays use Unilevel Plan as their basic plan and customize it for more eye-catching image. One of the commonly used customizations in the level plan is the regulation of the payment structure by including a minimal amount of member volume(business volume), an additional criterion to pay out the commission. Level Compensation Plan calculator is used to determine the monthly MLM income based on your associate recruitment and sales volume projections. The Level MLM plan always stands as the technically best MLM plan for any class of MLM organizations.

Compensations in Level Plan MLM Software 

The compensation is the return you receive on the MLM plan you choose. Every organization has different compensations based on the policies and the area of operation. MLM being one of the leading names in the MLM business, we have a range of compensation chalked out for the investors. The remunerations can be enabled or disabled at whatever point required. Our Level Plan MLM software is exceptionally configurable and adaptable to cover every one of the proposals of all kind associations.

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